A forward thinking & progressive company whose aim is to facilitate the industrial adoption of innovative materials technologies.



Developing anti-icing technology

The development of an anti-icing coating for the aviation industry is a recognised challenge which to date has not been achieved. The aim of the ICEMART project is to develop a novel passive ice-repellent coating that will prevent ice formation and adhesion without the need for active ice-management.

Lead by CAV Ice Protection, part funded by Innovate UK and with a global consortium including Opus Materials Technologies our approach is disruptive & unique. Using Nano technology and built on patented ground-breaking technology we aim to overcome the well-known fragility of nanostructured coatings by using novel additives that can be incorporated into conventional aviation coatings.


Solar Sharc ®

A Self-Cleaning Coating For Solar PV

Opus Materials Technologies is in the advanced stage of developing Solar Sharc ®. A self –cleaning permanent, non-stick, dust resistant coating for application onto Solar PV. Utilising Nanotechnology, Solar Sharc ® will be a durable, transparent anti-reflective and highly repellent coating that is mechanically resilient to environmental ageing. Easily applied to PV glass substrates, Solar Sharc ® optimises the energy yield of the panel whilst reducing O&M costs and water wastage by eliminating surface contamination to improve operational efficiency

Inovative materials technologies

Who we are

We design new materials

Opus Materials Technologies is a forward thinking & progressive company whose aim is to facilitate the industrial adoption of innovative materials technologies. With capabilities ranging from materials design, synthesis and supply chain establishment Opus Materials Technologies can provide a complete service in the development and establishment of novel bespoke materials.

What We Do

Opus Materials Technologies are at the leading edge of novel designer materials. An approach based on a detailed understanding of the chemistry and physics of synthesis. This enables unique materials to be designed with class leading performance resulting in the next generation of durable anti-soiling and self-cleaning coatings.


Using nature as a guide, novel structural hierarchies can be assembled using the latest advances in functional materials design. This new "soft chemistry" approach allows materials, and particularly coatings to be tailored to the application, leading to significant advances in functional capability and the fitness-for-purpose of surfaces.

Spearheading development

Functional Capability

Opus Materials Technologies is spearheading the development of the next generation of anti-soiling coatings. Our coatings afford considerable functional benefits:

Improved airflow

Enhanced fuel consumption

Optimised efficiency

Reduced Corrosion

Retention of appearance

Optimised functionality

Sector Applications

Renewable energy generation is an example of a key sector where the need for high performance, durable anti-soiling surfaces is not being satisfied by existing materials technologies. Opus Materials Technologies are engaging in this market to identify the specific needs along the value chain to enable industrial adoption of its next generation materials.

Bespoke materials


The next generation of Anti-Soiling Coatings
  • Renewables

    Erosion resistant and weatherable hydrophobic coatings for composite wind turbines. Durable, transparent self-cleaning coatings for PV and solar thermal.

  • Aerospace

    Anti-soiling and anti-icing for improved fuel efficiency and safety.

  • Telecommunications

    Prevention of water film build up on microwave receivers (satellite dishes, radomes etc.) to prevent pixilation and signal attenuation.

  • Construction

    Anti–graffiti treatments and weatherable hydrophobic coatings to protect historic building facades.

  • Automotive

    Transparent, self-cleaning treatments for windscreen and mirrors to enhance safety.

Ingenuity and Invention

Research & Development

Research & development are at the forefront of everything we do at Opus Materials Technologies. We apply a collaborative approach to R&D by engaging and working with key enterprises with the common goal of developing innovative materials technologies

Research and Technology Organisations


Academic Institutes

Emerging Technology Companies

Competitive Advantage

It is this approach that determines our competitive advantage and the future growth of novel bespoke materials which will have a far reaching impact on multiple sectors.

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